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We love working in schools. we firmly believe we enhance a schools overall programme through a range of services. We place huge emphasis on developing staff to suit and work with individual school requirements. 

We can deliver all extra curricular requirements in a range of sports and dance for all ages of primary and secondary schools.
We also lead the market in multi skills development and our PE/ PPA programme is highly effective raising the standard of PE delivered as well as offering on-going support and CPD to staff and teaching assistants.

Providing a wide range of quality multi skills and or sport specific coaching to young people not only inspires them to become 
more healthy but can affect academic results and sometimes more importantly self confidence to be able to perform new skills, play in teams, analyse their own progress, developing creativity and much more.

We know the planning constraints on teaching staff, website management and other pastoral issues can mean sport and PE can take a back seat. We can fill this void for you and can be flexible in our approach. Healthy bodies, active minds!


Developing a wide range of technical, movement and game understanding skills are vital for young people. The window of opportunity lies between 18 months and 9 years old.

Early development of agility, balance, coordination, speed combined with technical aspects such as dribbling, running with a ball, striking, fielding, throwing, etc and using adequate, realistic equipment is a major part of our programme.

Our sessions are proven to accelerate development through use of more complex technical work, cross crawling, confidence building, repeat quality practice and rhythmic patterns. 
Our work with 2-5 year old children in community focused centres show what can be done earlier and on mass. 

We need to place firm foundations with young people to instil healthy but skills based activity that will benefit them in later life, lead to less drop out because of confidence issues and enable young people to take part in competitive sport more effectively. If they do, then they will enjoy sport and dance more.

We believe sport and pe should be a major part of the school offering and not an ‘extra’ subject or a secondary activity. Sports can enhance behaviour, be used as tools for managing behaviour and increasing stimulation into other subjects through cross 
For example capital cities, numeracy through scoring, literacy through spelling of key words, languages through terms or key phrases whilst playing etc.


Our Street Soccer Events are hugely popular, young people love the urban feel of the event and are inspired by seeing a vast array of new moves. From regular football skills to trying more complex Street Soccer moves, aerial moves such as Akka's and being introduced to freetstyle football moves. The events are even more popular with the inclusion of the 3v3 inflatable pitch. 

Street Soccer supports players to become more comfortable with the ball and multiply opportunities to practice dribbling, passing, turning, shooting and ball control whilst under pressure from opponents.

Games are played in a 3v3 format to ensure that there are far more opportunities for all participants to get time on a ball. All games start and finish with handshakes to help build a sense of respect amonst the participants and advocate sportmanship.

What is Panna?

Panna football offers players a unique 1v1 experience, with the aim of each game being to out skill or opponent in order to score the most goals in 3 minutes, or if you're able to make a Panna (nutmeg) your opponent you automatically win the game. 

Panna is a test of skill, but Panna football develops many aspects that are key to development in young players. It develops motor functions by making players think in a fast paced environment, making them both move faster but also process outcomes and make quick decisions.  

Pro Skills Coaching at your school

PE/PPA COVER from £30 Per Hour Session

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS from £30 per hour or £3 per child

LUNCH CLUBS from £25 per hour or £1.50 per child

BREAKFAST CLUBS from £25 per hour or £1.50 per child

Pro Skills Panna Street Soccer Event at your school 

Full day £280 2 Coaches

Half day £160 2 Coaches

For Bookings or enquiries regarding the services we provide please contact our team

Mark Senior - Leeds Bradford Area Manager

Kieran Beech - Rotherham Area Manager

Steve Calpin - Basingstoke Area Manager

Wayne Hayward - Milton Keynes Area Manager
wayne@proskillscoaching.co.uk or 07885 276634

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