Thursday 12 February 2015


Pro Skills Panna Football Skills One 2 One

Looking for One 2 One training, to improve a child skills set even further. Dedicated skills coaching focusing on the very basic of ball touches to more complex street soccer ground moves, and freestyle moves, all working on enhancing sharpening an individuals overall control and efficiency with the ball.

Coaching will also focus on developing a child's overall confidence in 1v1 aspects of the game, working on turning players or making a Panna to completely leave their opponents flat footed. Panna in itself is a great tool for improving a players decision making. This program is very unique to this area, yes there maybe technical programs around but none have the advanced skill set Street Soccer has given myself. I've improved my own skill set using this type of training and the changes can be seen below from when I started to where I'm currently at.  

Prices start at £25 per hour of coaching for ages 7 - 16, we can come to you if there is space, either at you home or at local park area. We can also rent a space but this will raise the cost of the session price.

For further details and to book session contact

Mark Senior - Leeds Bradford Area Manager

Kieran Beech - Rotherham Area Manager

Steve Calpin - Basingstoke Area Manager

Wayne Hayward - Milton Keynes Area Manager or 07885 276634