Friday 20 March 2015

100 Days of Street Soccer Project

Pro Skills Coaching and Pro Skills Panna team member Kieran Beech recently undertook a training challenge to complete 100 Days of Street Soccer Skill Development. 

Kieran is 30 and didn't play any football to a high standard when he was a junior, he lists is experience as limited a few friendly appearances for his local school team and a tournament with his local junior club. He was a small quick player but lacked skill and wasn't favoured due to not being great with the ball or tall. 

He rarely played the football up until in the navy where he would play in 5 side knockabout's with colleagues. He played a couple of interdepartmental friendlies against junior officers and engineers, but that was his footballing experience. 

He got into coaching to try and give children the opportunities he never had, after teaming up with the Pro Skills Team and then working with Darren Laver on Street Soccer courses and events he became enthralled in Street Soccer coaching. 

From there Kieran decided that if he was going to promote Street Soccer he would at least have to learn some of the skills. He started a journey of documenting his progression but after a period of around a year and half he became a little comfortable and his training dropped. This also led to a few negatives into his life and work, after realising this he looked for a way to get back into training. 

One of Kieran's other passions is art and after watching several artist friends take part in a 100 Days of Making Comics challenge he decided to adapt the challenge to suit his own needs. The challenge began on December 3rd 2014. Kieran would train for a minimum of 30 minutes per day and film and edit a daily video showing his progress. 

Throughout the challenge Kieran only had to a two day period off due to illness, he finished the on the 15th March 2015 and it featured, Mark Senior, Matthew Bilney of the Pro Skills Coaching team, several of the children he coaches and friends, Steve Roberts from the popular STR Skill School YouTube channel and Edward Van Gils a pioneer of the Street Soccer game as it is now played. 

The challenge has earned Kieran the respect of many members of the Street Soccer and freestyle community and has inspired others along the way. Something Kieran says he never dreamed of or even envisaged when starting the challenge. 

Despite all of the great things that happened during the challenge Kieran says a lot several highlights came after with people issuing videos congratulating him on completing the task, several of people who have influenced and inspired Kierans own development. 

A link to one of the videos can be found below:
Post by ISSA - International Street Soccer Association

Kieran has continued his training and is planning a series two but says he will look to start it in the warmer months this time. 

He would also like to thank all those who have supported his journey!