Thursday 19 March 2015

Football Talent Development Centres


Where creativity never ends!

We believe any player has the innate ability to become highly skillful and creative. The aim of our Football, Futsal and Street Soccer talent centres help a player unlock their skillful and creative side.

We do this by offering a player the chance to test and try new skills in an environment that is free from the pressure of the regular game and PLAY is an essential component of them discovering new moves and solving a large array of problems. Our environment is very relaxed, we train with a music box playing and sometimes with the 3v3 field. We want our players to feel like they can experiment with the ball and take risks, we want them to make mistakes and learn from them, we as coaches also want to learn from our players.

We introduce our players to freestyle football skills, street soccer skills as well as showing them ways they can adapt complex Street Soccer moves to how they fit and work withing game environments.